Turtles of Grayskull, Wave 1 review


Recently I picked up the first four Turtles of Grayskull figures.

I bought these online from Big Bad Toy Store.

Mutant He-Man.

Solid figure with lots of fun details!

He's got a bandanna around his head, like the turtles!

He's got some custom feet, as one of the boots has his giant toes poking out the front.

Standard articulation found on all the MOTU Origins series figures, so lots of posing options! The joints on this figure I found to be really stiff! The elbow joints almost seem to be like a ratchet joint in the way they clicked and moved.

Also, standard removable parts found in all MOTU Origins figures for customization.

And when I first saw the figure in the package, I thought his arms seems larger than normal... Yes, they are indeed extra-long and chonky arms!


Speaking of arms, this may become my default Duncan figure to use in the future of my toy comics! This is a magnificent figure! The armor is heavy and the face sculpt is magnificent!

All standard articulation points and removable limbs and body pieces for customization.

The only flaw is that there is so much armor on this character that I feel it may interfere with posing.

But, otherwise, it is gorgeous.

Here is a comparison shot to the standard Man At Arms figure.


This is likely my second favorite figure after Man At Arms.

In the story of the series, one can really tell their armors were designed in collaboration with each other, as they look so alike! The armbands and leg shielding... all top notch!

Again, my only issue is the possibility of posing issues with all the armor plating on the arms and legs.

And the bandanna tassels coming off the side of Donny's head absolutely interferes with how his head can move and stay posed.

Standard articulation points and removable pieces for the MOTU Origins style figures.


And finally we have Leo!

This figure looks frickin' cool but I have a lot of issues with it.

Leo comes with a bunch of armor accessories on his arms that ABSOLUTELY interfere with his posing. The armor pieces on his upper arms keep wanting to slide down and off. They look cool. They really do... but they may be more annoying than anything else.

To attach the buckler, I had to remove the left hand, and while I was sliding it into place, the upper arm armor kept sliding off and down, interfering with the whole process. Eventually, I got everything into place.

Leo has a built-up "barbarian fur" piece attached to his shell that cannot be removed. While it may be aesthetically appropriate for a MOTU figure to have fur, it is unnecessary here, and completely gets in the way of Leo's bandanna tassels sticking out the back of his head. This makes posing his head in any manner other than level-straight forward or to the sides incredibly difficult and annoying. He has trouble posing the head to be looking upwards on its ball joint.

Leo has his dual katanas which are gimmicks to match the classic combining power swords. While this is a fine gimmick, I prefer the swords to be whole. Separated, the swords are kind of floppy in Leo's hands. When combined, the power sword fits perfectly with no floppiness.

Standard articulation points, for what it's worth. Standard removable MOTU Origins parts for customizations.


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